Urban Ministries of Wake County engages our community to serve and advocate on behalf of those affected by poverty by providing food and nutrition, promoting health and wellness, and by laying the foundations of home.

The staff at Urban Ministries of Wake County acknowledges our need and appreciation of our volunteers for their support and commitment to addressing the issues of hunger, homelessness, and healthcare for residents of Wake County.

Urban Ministries of Wake County accomplishes its mission through the dedication of some 40 staff members and 1,300 volunteers. Representing 97% of our workforce, volunteers are vital to our three core programs: the Hunger and Nutrition Program, the Helen Wright Center for Women, and the Open Door Clinic. With a rising client population we continually recruit excellent, hospitable, dependable, and punctual volunteers. We can not have an impact on our community without our volunteers.

Volunteering can enhance your future by providing you with opportunities to:

  • Explore your educational/career goals and aspirations
  • Grow your teamwork/leadership skills
  • Provide supportive/team based community
  • Log volunteer hours for personal enrichment/resume
  • We wish that all our volunteers will find meaningful experiences at Urban Ministries. Reasonable expectations for behavior and appearance will create an environment where everyone can flourish and be effective in their work. The following requirements honor this wish:

  • Volunteers must have reliable transportation, as we are not located on a bus line
  • Volunteers must be 18 years of age or older. If a volunteer is under 18, he or she may volunteer in our Food Pantry while being supervised by a parent or guardian at all times.
  • Please wear professional, modest, business casual attire (Fridays are casual)
    1. Complete volunteer application
    2. Attend mandatory volunteer orientation
    3. Complete one to three shadow/training sessions with active volunteer
    4. Schedule regular shifts and have access to Volgistics, our volunteer scheduling portal

    Additional paperwork required for clinic volunteers

    Alternate volunteer process for new providers
    New providers (Doctors) must contact the Manager of Volunteer services in order to learn more about the application process and to be scheduled for a meeting with our Medical Director

    With more than 1300 schedules to coordinate it would greatly assist the Manager of Volunteers when volunteers use the volunteer portal, Volgistics to add and remove themselves from the schedule.

    Please be sure to remove yourself from volunteer shifts when you will be out of town and/or unable to make it.

    Volgistics shows each volunteer days and shifts where volunteer support is needed, allowing individuals to pick up shifts at any time (without having to notify the Manager of Volunteer Services.)

    We request volunteers not cancel their shifts less than 48 hours prior to their shift.

    Our Manager of Volunteer Services will also do her best to not cancel a volunteer’s shift less than 48 hours in advance.

    When a volunteer has not shown up, arrived late, and/or cancelled a shift more than three times within a six month period our Manager of Volunteer Services may touch base with the volunteer to request the volunteer to kindly review their schedule and reduce their volunteer engagement for a short season and welcome them to pick up more shifts when necessary.