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Urban Ministries of Wake County engages our community to serve and advocate on behalf of those affected by poverty by providing food and nutrition, promoting health and wellness, and by laying the foundations of home.

The staff at Urban Ministries of Wake County acknowledges our need and appreciation of our volunteers for their support and commitment to addressing the issues of hunger, homelessness, and healthcare for residents of Wake County.

Why Volunteer?

Why Volunteer?

Urban Ministries of Wake County accomplishes its mission through the dedication of some 30 staff members and nearly 1,000 volunteers. Representing 97% of our workforce, volunteers are vital to our three core programs: the Food and Nutrition Program, the Helen Wright Center for Women, and the Open Door Clinic. Our goal is to have 1,000 active volunteers each year to assist us in providing services to those seeking help. With a rising client population we will continually need and recruit excellent, hospitable, dependable, and punctual volunteers. We can not have an impact on our community without our volunteers.

Volunteering can enhance your future by providing you with opportunities to:

  • Explore your educational/career goals and aspirations
  • Grow your teamwork/leadership skills
  • Provide supportive/team based community
  • Log volunteer hours for personal enrichment/resume
Volunteer Requirements

Volunteer Requirements

We wish that all our volunteers will find meaningful experiences at Urban Ministries. Reasonable expectations for behavior and appearance will create an environment where everyone can flourish and be effective in their work. The following requirements honor this wish:

  • Volunteers must have reliable transportation, as we are not located on a bus line
  • Volunteers must be 18 years of age or older. If a volunteer is under 18, he or she may volunteer in our Food Pantry while being supervised by a parent or guardian at all times.
  • Please wear professional, modest, business casual attire (Fridays are casual)
Application Process Overview

Application Process Overview

1.Complete volunteer application

2.Attend mandatory volunteer orientation

3.Complete one to three shadow/training sessions with active volunteer

4.Schedule regular shifts and have access to Volgistics, our volunteer scheduling portal
*additional paperwork for clinic volunteers

Please allow 7-14 business days to receive information regarding your next steps upon submitting volunteer interest/volunteer application emails. With a high volume of varying interests it takes time to try and connect applicants with a role that will match well with their skills, interests, and giftings.
Thank you for your patience

**Alternate volunteer process for new providers (Doctors) applicants:

New providers (Doctors) must contact the Manager of Volunteer services in order to learn more about the application process and to be scheduled for a meeting with our Medical Director

Volunteer Commitment

We kindly ask our volunteers to commit to a minimum of two shifts per month for a minimum of six months. We believe this will help us cover necessary shifts and provide volunteer opportunities the training process will be sufficient for. We request that volunteers stay for the entire length of their shift. Volunteer shifts vary, please select a time frame which works best for your schedule.

Volunteer Shift Scheduling

Shift Scheduling

As the Manager of Volunteer Services has 1500 schedules to coordinate it would greatly assist her when our volunteers would use the volunteer portal, Volgistics to add and remove themselves from the schedule. Please be sure to remove yourself from volunteer shifts when you will be out of town and/or unable to make it. Volgistics shows each volunteer days and shifts where volunteer support is needed, allowing individuals to pick up shifts at any time (without having to notify the Manager of Volunteer Services.)

Cancellation Policy
We ask volunteers not to cancel their shifts less than 48 hours prior to their shift.
Our Manager of Volunteer Services will also do her best to not cancel a volunteer’s shift less than 48 hours in advance.

When a volunteer has not shown up, arrived late, and/or cancelled a shift more than three times within a six month period our Manager of Volunteer Services may touch base with the volunteer to request the volunteer to kindly review their schedule and reduce their volunteer engagement for a short season and kindly welcome them to pick up more shifts when necessary

Community Service, Group Volunteering and Internships

Volunteers Completing Community Service

Community Service

All individuals interested in volunteering to complete community service are only able to serve in our Food Pantry. Each individual must submit a volunteer application and communicate with the Manager of Volunteer Services providing:

  • Charge or classification of the crime
  • Hours needing to complete
  • Date of completion

These are needed in order to assess if we can host an applicant as a volunteer.Our Food Pantry can only host two community service volunteers at a time, volunteer requirements apply.)

Group Volunteering

Group Volunteering

Food Pantry Work Day: Conduct a food drive and stock your donated food in our Food Pantry. To learn more, please contact Carol Schwartz at 919.256.2179 or

Internship Opportunities

Internship Opportunities

Commit an entire semester to assisting Urban Ministries in a variety of different capacities, including marketing, communication, development, administration, and others.

View Fall 2016 Internship Opportunities

Volunteer Descriptions and Shifts

Volunteer in Crisis Support

Crisis Support

Urban Ministries aids in alleviating those living in crisis through both our food pantry and medication assistance.

Urban Ministries operates the second largest food pantry in Wake County. Our pantry provides a week’s’ worth of groceries for families in need and distributes more than 400,000 meals a year. Food insecurity is one of the biggest concerns for those facing poverty, especially during the summer months when children are home from school.

With funding from the Filling in Gaps (FIGs) program, Urban Ministries is able to help more than 500 people each year obtain prescription medications that are beyond their financial reach.

Position Required Skills/Key Responsibilities Available Shifts
Community Garden
Tend-plant-and harvest our organic garden! All yields go directly to our Food Pantry to help feed our clients
Gardening experience is helpful though not required Flexible Shifts
Crisis Support
Assess client needs to determine appropriate emergency food assistance prescription assistance and to make referrals to other agencies
Computer Skills

Ability to interview and ask sensitive questions about financial standing

Ability to talk to pharmacists on the phone


Ability to tell a client if they cannot receive assistance

Spanish language skills helpful
Flexible Shifts

Food Pantry*
Work on-site to help stock and organize the pantry and package food orders for crisis clients
Sort through donations

Stock pantry shelves

Process and package food orders

Hand out completed orders to clients
Flexible Shifts

Greet and sign in patients

Answer questions and direct clients' needs to the appropriate staff
Check clients' ID

Determine need of client (appointment/food assistance/prescription assistance/medication pickup)

Use a computer database to check in clients

Keep track of late or missed appointments

Provide clients with additional resources for assistance

Alert clients when their food is ready for pickup
Flexible Shifts


***Denotes most urgently needed positions
Volunteer at the Helen Wright Center for Women

Helen Wright Center for Women

The Helen Wright Center for Women (HWCW) works to reduce homelessness by providing temporary housing and support services to promote independence. This includes:

  • transitional shelter for about 300 homeless women annually
  • offering basic needs and case management to help homeless women move toward independence and permanent housing
  • special programs such as yoga, women’s support group, game nights and workshops for life skills, job readiness, home ownership, self-esteem and health-related issues
  • providing a safe and supportive environment for women in crisis
Position Required Skills/Key Responsibilities Available Shifts
Front Desk Greeter

Manage front desk operations and interact with shelter guests informally (talking with residents playing cards etc.)
Answering telephones

Answering the door

Referring callers to appropriate services

Verifying residents' completion of chores

Interact with program staff/residents


Provide Meals

Prepare meals off site and bring to the HWCW to feed 36 women; prepare late meals

Contact Kerry Jones our Meal Coordinator at
Healthy cooking skills welcomed Varies throughout the week
Volunteer in the Open Door Clinic

Open Door Clinic

Established as one of the first free clinics in North Carolina in 1985, the Open Door Clinic provides comprehensive primary care and all medications in a medical home model to more than 1,500 patients. The clinic coordinates access to specialists, lab and radiology services, and provides expedited enrollment for referrals from hospital safety net partners.

Important Notes for Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician-Assistants:
We’re mostly adult primary care providers and also include Cardiology, Pulmonary, Renal, Sports-Med, GYN, Podiatry, Ophthalmology, and would welcome almost any non-procedural specialist.

  • Volunteers’ sessions end without residual responsibilities
  • Staff manages all reports, results, consults
  • Agency can include providers within our malpractice coverage
  • Collaborate with in-house pharmacy for care-plans
Position Required Skills Required Licenses Available Shifts
Audiology Use of hearing equipment NC License W
Diabetes & Education Provide diabetes education classes in English and translate to Spanish

Counsel and monitor patients in prevention and disease management
Diabetes Education M-TR
Doctor Provide ongoing comprehensive medical care for patients-almost all with chronic diseases

Review content and manage data entry using Allscripts Professional

Guide care using comprehensive resources in medications-radiology-laboratory-and referral care
NC License M-TR
Eligibility Interviewer Bilingual Communicator

Assist in completing forms for prospective and current patients via appointment
Conversational and/or Fluent verbal proficiency M-TR
Gynecology Screening/specialty care NC License M-W

Medical Interpreter Language proficiency in medical Spanish No Requirement M-TR
Lab Technician/Phlebotomist Perform phlebotomy and sample prep for hospital lab courier's pick-up

Minimum 6 months experience drawing blood

Experience with straight needles (ODC only uses straight needles)

Utilize Allscripts Professional for lab orders and labeling
Phlebotomy Certificate CMA M-TR
Nurse Clinical intake-documenting in Allscripts Professional

Provide care for patients-including extensive immunizations and hands-on teaching (eg. DM self-monitoring)
Nursing License M-TR
Ophthalmology Ability to conduct eye exams and use eye equipment MD License or Optometrist License W
Pharmacist Advise providers regarding medication options (PT-Assistance and generics)

Prepare-dispense and counsel patients about all therapies (new and refilled)

Manage QS/1-NRX for tracking and labeling (English and Spanish)
Pharmacy License M-TR
Pharmacy Assistant
We are not currently accepting new volunteers in this role until summer
Ability to assist pharmacist with filling Rx and other duties Rx Assistant certification preferred but not required M-TR
Scribe Previous scribe intern with our agency Not Required M-TR
Sports Medicine Experience with specialty care for joint problems NC License TR


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