Health Care Professional

Health Care Professional

Job Description

  • Licensed physicians, nurses, pharmacists, lab techs, and health educators are needed to provide energetic, professional, personalized chronic and acute care for patients proven eligible based on:
    • County residence
    • Unavailable health insurance
    • Confirmation of low-income family financial status

Key Responsibilities

  • Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Physician-Assistants (We’re mostly adult primary care providers, but also include Cardiologists, Pulmonary, Renal, Sports-Med, GYN, Podiatry, I.D., and would welcome almost any non-procedural specialist.):
    • Provide ongoing, comprehensive care for patients, almost all with chronic diseases
    • Review content and manage data entry using All-Scripts Professional
    • Guide care using comprehensive resources in medications, radiology, laboratory and referral-care.
    • Volunteers’ sessions end without residual responsibilities. Staff manages all reports, results, consults
    • Agency can include providers within our malpractice coverage
    • Collaborate with in-house pharmacy for care-plans
  • Nurses (RN, Paramedic, Medical Asst., EMT-B):
    • Clinical intake, documenting in All-Scripts Professional
    • Provide care for patients, including extensive immunizations and hands-on teaching (eg. DM self-monitoring)
  • Pharmacists:
    • Advise providers regarding medication options (Pt-Assistance and generics)
    • Prepare, dispense and counsel patients about all therapies (new and refilled)
    • Manage QS/1-NRX for tracking and labeling (English & Spanish)
  • Lab Techs:
    • Perform phlebotomy and sample prep for hospital lab courier’s pick-up
    • Utilize All-Scripts Professional for lab orders, labelling
  • Health Educators (Certified Diabetes Educator):
    • Provide diabetes education classes, English and translated to Spanish
    • Counsel and monitor individual patients in prevention and disease management

Skills Required

  • Must have active NC license
  • Communication skills
  • Commitment to serve for a specific length of time (varies for each position)

Training Required

  • All positions- 2-hour-long volunteer orientation- RSVP registration
  • Licensed providers- 1-on-1 orientation with medical director, continued software support during clinical sessions
  • Nurses- two hour targeted group training
  • Pharmacists- shadowing
  • Lab Techs- three part training
  • Health educators- individual training

Days and Hours of Operation

  • Physicians, Nurses, Lab Techs, and Health Educators
    • Monday – Thursday
      • 9:00am – 12:00pm
      • 1:00pm – 4:00pm
      • 5:00pm – 9:00pm
  • Pharmacists
    • Monday-Thursday
      • 6:00pm-9:00pm


A Note From Our Medical Director

Clinical volunteers at the Open Door Clinic are usually providers comfortable delivering continuity-based primary care services to our relatively stable population of low-income patients. Though they have long clinical problem lists, they are customarily not disabled, not elderly, and not pediatric, because they would otherwise qualify for governmental insurance (and be ineligible for our free services),

Our chosen clinical mission is both visit- and prevention-focused, based on widely accepted guidelines for specific disease-state and health maintenance. Virtually every patient’s visit involves ongoing clinical monitoring and continuing care. After a session as volunteer provider, our clinicians have no residual responsibilities until their next volunteer session. Evaluations initiated at volunteers’ appointments are handled conscientiously by staff, including management and reporting to patients of all results from lab, radiology and consultation events.

Our pharmacy provides virtually universal access to prescription therapies (including on-going refills), but does not permit clinical management of DEA-Scheduled pharmaceuticals or potentially abusable meds. Clinical solutions for resource issues are usually available, including comprehensive labs, radiology, extensive consultation availability and required immunizations.

Patients’ visits to the clinic are as long as the providers feel they need to be. We do not operate on a productivity-driven time-clock, recognizing that patients’ needs are variable and often compellingly complex.

Most providers participate on a fixed monthly schedule (eg Third Thursday evening). Especially those in retirement or family-leave, weekly participation is even more engaging and gratifying, and daytime clinics more energizing.

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