Food Pantry and Crisis Support Services History & Goals

Food Pantry and Crisis Support Services History & GoalsFood Pantry: Urban Ministries operates the second largest food pantry in Wake County. Our pantry provides a weeks’ worth of groceries for families in need and distributes more than 400,000 meals a year. Food insecurity is one of the biggest concerns for those facing poverty, especially during the summer months when children are home from school. Goals include:

  • Provide 230 tons of food, including fresh produce, to 8,000 households – including 11,000 children – sufficient to feed each family for one week.
  • Harvest 2,000 lbs. of fresh vegetables from our community gardens.
  • Improve quality of donated food through by encouraging volunteers to read labels for low sodium, fat content, no sugar added to products, etc. In this way we hope to educate donors too, benefitting their families as well!
  • Use our refrigerators and freezers to “shelve” fresh or frozen vegetables instead of canned.
  • Coordinate the efforts of 1,500 volunteers, who learn in orientation the importance of donating nutritious food which, in turn, helps inform the food choices they make for themselves.

Prescription Medications: With funding from the Filling in Gaps (FIGs) program, Urban Ministries is able to help more than 500 people each year obtain prescription medications that are beyond their financial reach. Urban Ministries also has one of the only free on-site pharmacies in our county to provide prescription assistance to at no charge to clients of the Open Door Clinic.

How You Can Help

  • Your generous cash donations are used to support all of our crisis support services, keeping essential programs running.
  • Food donations are always needed, please see our Wish List and visit the page for Food Drives.
  • Volunteers are needed to help in the food pantry, community garden and in assisting clients, please visit our volunteer opportunities.

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